Regenerative farming explained

Regenerative farming is a sustainable and eco-friendly approach to agriculture that focuses on restoring the health of the soil and the ecosystem. It is a holistic approach that aims to create a closed loop system where waste is minimized and nutrients are cycled back into the soil. In this blog post, we will explore theContinue reading “Regenerative farming explained”

Community Shared Agriculture: A Sustainable Solution for Fresh, Local Produce

Community Shared Agriculture (CSA) is a farming practice that allows people to support local farmers and access fresh produce. In CSA, farmers sell shares of their crop to members of the community, who receive a portion of the harvest throughout the growing season. This model has numerous benefits for farmers, consumers, and the environment. InContinue reading “Community Shared Agriculture: A Sustainable Solution for Fresh, Local Produce”

Seeding Our Food Future Program

We are proud to share that we have been awarded a stamp for Seeding Our Food Future Program. You can learn more about what we have achieved at Seeding Our Food Future – Innovation Guelph. Seeding Our Food Future is an initiative of Grow Back Better, Our Food Future’s 10-point recovery plan in response toContinue reading “Seeding Our Food Future Program”

CSA Update Week #3

I hope everyone is keeping cool during this heat wave Below are the veggies we are harvesting for your box this week. (Note that some items are only for full shares) Rainbow Swiss Chard (recipe for lemon garlic rainbow chard) Salanova (Mesclun) Salad heads Mini Romaines Carrots Peas Kale (recipe for kale) Radish Garlic GreenContinue reading “CSA Update Week #3”

CSA Week #1 Update

Exciting! Our first week of CSA shares are starting! Growing organically sure has it challenges, to avoid spraying we use insect netting instead but still some bugs manage to get in and bite the leaves of our crops but don’t worry the crop itself is still yummy and nutritious to eat. Today when we went outContinue reading “CSA Week #1 Update”

Small Farm Eggs ARE Better – CBC News Reports.

The Marketplace nutrition test found that free-run eggs and small-farm organic eggs were nutritionally similar, although the small-farm organic eggs had an average of about 34 per cent more vitamin D.  Our pastured eggs are cheaper than grocery store organic eggs, and even better for you! (We’re only $5/dozen) CBC’s Marketplace recently aired a story about eggs.Continue reading “Small Farm Eggs ARE Better – CBC News Reports.”

See You At – Aberfoyle Farmers Market!

We are happy to announce that we will have a booth at the Aberfoyle Farmers Market, just south of Guelph, Ontario. This is a hidden gem of a market, and we look forward to serving you there, every Saturday from 8am until 1pm, June 26 – October 30, 2021. (potentially earlier) We will be thereContinue reading “See You At – Aberfoyle Farmers Market!”

Planting Season: It All Starts From Choosing Good Seeds

Happy Spring! Our planting season has begun. We wanted to share our process, right from the seeds. We always choose the best for our crops and that’s why we are using Johnny’s certified organic seeds.  (We follow JM Fortier’s regenerative farming methods, and these were his choice seeds.) Johnny’s is a great seed-house, they consistentlyContinue reading “Planting Season: It All Starts From Choosing Good Seeds”

Your Hormonal Health & Eating Organic

We all know that eating organic is best. But why? We asked Dr. Kate Ferguson, a licensed Naturopathic Doctor serving Orangeville and Waterloo area, to weigh in on how eating organic can make a difference in our overall health. Eat localLocal food that hasn’t travelled a long time to get to your plate is fresher,Continue reading “Your Hormonal Health & Eating Organic”