Sawmill & Lumber

Sawmill Services and Lumber sales

This mill is shut down this season. We will start back up cutting in the fall. We do not store lumber. Thanks

We are a small, local sawmill producing lumber and slabs for your next project. Our goal is to provide high quality local lumber at reasonable prices. Our lumber comes from our farm or local landowners and we use sustainable woodlot management practices so that the wildlife and the ecosystem remain intact for future generations to enjoy! Our prices are very competitive with big box stores.

All our lumber is cut fresh off the mill and is considered green lumber initially.  Green lumber can be used in many projects as long as you use the correct building techniques. Please do your research before you purchase if you plan to use it right away to make sure it is right for you. We do stack our wood off the ground using stickers and cover it with sheet metal so that the lumber can start the air-drying process so depending on when it was cut it may be dry. We can test the moisture content for you before you buy with our moisture meter if needed.


We carry a variety of species and lengths in our ever-changing inventory. Please let us know what you need and we will do our best to help you.

Fenceposts & Rails

We have fenceposts and rails for sale. Typically, they are unpeeled but sometimes we also have peeled ones as well.

Sawmilling Services

We also offer sawmilling services at our farm and can cut your logs on our mill to whatever dimensions you need (mill can handle up to 27” diameter logs).


Please enquire about our local delivery. We want to make your purchase easy.

Please call or email with your order or to make an appointment to view our inventory. There is never any pressure to buy, we just want to help you with your next project!


Let’s make something beautiful together.

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