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Whole Pastured Chicken – $5.50/lb

Our pasture-raised whole chickens are sold fresh in late spring summer and fall, frozen for the rest of the year. Our birds peck and scratch for grasses, bugs, seeds, and worms and have plenty of sunshine and exercise. Not only do they have superior taste and health benefits you can save money by buying whole chickens that can make several meals, including a delicious soup!

Available for as long as quantities last so pre-order today! Chickens will be available fresh on July 4th.

To order, call or email us at, 519-215-3191

Our fresh pastured eggs are for sale in our roadside 24/7 Honour System Egg Hut for $6 a dozen. (First come, first served)

Our chickens are raised the way you imagine they would want to live: they walk around in open fields and woods, they hunt and peck for food, and they go back into a hen house at night to roost, nest, and lay eggs.  They get as much fresh air, sunshine, exercise and green pasture goodies as they want. We believe the chickens are much happier and healthier using this pastured farming method.  

We want to eat food that is full of nutrients and flavour – that tastes amazing and makes us feel good – while also being better for the animals and better for the soil. Raising animals on pasture combines all of this, making it, well, perfect.

On pasture, our chickens express their natural instincts as voracious omnivores with access to a fresh buffet of pasture forage, seeds and insects. Happy chickens producing healthy eggs-it just makes sense!

Response to Covid-19: Winterhill Farm & Garden are committed to continue to help feed our community and are using proactive measures for everyone’s health and safety. | 519-215-3191 | 5807 Fourth Line Eramosa, Rockwood, Ontario

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