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Welcome to Our Regenerative Farm

Providing farm fresh organically-grown vegetable boxes from our 100-acre family farm in the Township of Eramosa, Rockwood, Ontario.

✔ No Pesticides or Herbicides ✔ Free-Range

Pastured eggs and chickens also available.

What We Do

We grow a variety of vegetables using organic growing methods. We use organic non-GMO seeds and use regenerative farming methods. No pesticides or herbicides are used.

We are a CSA Farm! Get on our 2022 Waitlist.

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Happy, Healthy, Free-range Pastured Chicken and Eggs. Our fresh pastured eggs are for sale in our roadside 24/7 Honour System Egg Hut for $5 a dozen.

Who we are

We are a small 100-acre family farm located in beautiful Eramosa, Ontario. We grow a variety of vegetables and have a small flock of chickens and a small herd of cattle. The cows and chickens are all raised on pasture with plenty of sunshine and room to roam. 

We moved to the family farm in 2017 with a vision of feeding our family fresh organic vegetables, fresh farm eggs, and wholesome meat. Animal lovers to the core we raise our chickens and cows exactly how all farm animals should live. Our chickens and cows are moved to fresh pasture daily so they always have fresh grass to munch on and new bugs and seeds to eat.

This farming method also improves the quality of the land too, so it is truly a win-win for all! The farm’s market garden provides seasonal veggies grown organically and are picked fresh providing a high nutritional value as well as superior taste. We’re not certified organic yet, but we do not use any pesticides or herbicides. As a family farm, we care about the food we eat and the food we provide our customers.

How We Farm

We believe in preventing the need for pesticides and herbicides by using natural alternative measures to ensure our crops are pest-free. We manually weed with hand tools, we use crop rotation, insect row covers & we run our chickens through the garden to eat the weed seeds, bugs and at the same time fertilize the soil.

Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between the consumer and the small local farmer because as the saying goes “the only way you can be 100% sure of your food source is to be on a first-name basis with the farmer”. We encourage customers to ask questions or visit the farm to see for themselves our farming practices in action.   

We believe in regenerative farming methods that rebuild the soil and allow the farm to become naturally more productive over time. We view nature as our partner rather than something to be dominated and only choose farming practices that enhance the farm ecosystem as a whole. The wild plants and animals share this ecosystem with us and our farm is home to an abundance of wildlife including the snapping turtle and Bobolink which are protected species in Ontario. We feel honoured to be farming in sync with nature growing great-tasting food that is healthy for us and giving all the animals that call our farm home the life they deserve.

Response to Covid-19: Winterhill Farm & Garden are committed to continue to help feed our community and are using proactive measures for everyone’s health and safety.

winterhillfarm@yahoo.com | 519-215-3191 | 5807 Fourth Line Eramosa, Rockwood, Ontario

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