Small Farm Eggs ARE Better – CBC News Reports.

The Marketplace nutrition test found that free-run eggs and small-farm organic eggs were nutritionally similar, although the small-farm organic eggs had an average of about 34 per cent more vitamin D. 

Our pastured eggs are cheaper than grocery store organic eggs, and even better for you! (We’re only $5/dozen)

CBC’s Marketplace recently aired a story about eggs. While they didn’t find huge differences in cheap vs. expensive eggs you find at the big box stores, they did find that small-farm organic eggs had more vitamin D, vitamin E and some even had higher percentage of protein.

We’re proud to be a small-farm providing our happy hens with the healthy and happy life they deserve, while serving our customers with nutritionally superior eggs.

Our hens are laying plenty of eggs now that Spring is here. Come pick up for only $5/dozen from our 24/7 roadside shack anytime.

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