About Us

Winterhill Farm is a small family farm located in Rockwood, Ontario. We are the Smiths; Nathan, Jill and our three children, Owen, Emma, Olivia along with Sylvester the cat and our dog Gunner. After many years in living in town we had the opportunity to buy into the Smith family farm and we jumped at the chance to raise our family in the country. Our goal was to rebuild the farm while providing our family with healthy meat, eggs and fresh organic veggies.

We believe in regenerative farming methods that rebuild soil and allow the farm to become more productive in the future while at the same time enhancing the farm ecosystem. Our farm is home to an abundance of wildlife including the snapping turtle and Bobolink which are species at risk in Ontario. Our farming methods take into account all of nature not just the plants and animals we sell. We feel honoured to be farming in sync with Mother Nature growing great food and giving the animals the wonderful life they deserve.

We are now providing this healthy natural fresh food to local customers. Our goal is to strengthen the relationship between the consumer and the small local farmer. As the saying goes “The only way to be 100% sure how your food is grown is to be on a first name basis with the farmer”. We encourage customers to ask questions or visit the farm to see our farming practices for themselves.

We grow a number of different vegetable varieties. We have small flocks of chickens for eggs and meat and a small herd of cattle for beef at the moment. The cows and chickens are all on pasture with plenty of xsunshine and room to roam.

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